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Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4

I am up 1.6lbs due to the simply fact of being a woman. For many years I was on oral contraceptives and because of my pulmonary embolisms I can no longer take any form of hormones, so this has made my PMS almost unbearable. My emotions this past week have been out of control and water retention (weight gain) at its worst. BUT throughout this week I have maintained my clean eating except for my monthly cheat meal which was last night. I ended up having pizza, but paid for it later. I can’t believe how sick I was, my stomach was so upset, and I think it might be the cheese. Lesson learned!

Frustration is starting to kick in right now. I don’t know what else I can do to get the last 20lbs off of my body. I’ve been going on the internet looking for any help as to why my weight isn’t really changing. Obviously the first bit was Christmas weight and lack of exercise due to my surgery but for the past year my weight will not go below 160lbs. I say I’ve tried everything but I know deep down that’s not true. So I will continue to do what I’m doing but start to kick it up a notch this week and hope for the best. If anyone out there has any ideas I would love the advice.

So begins another week…

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  1. Hi Jodie, I am really proud of you. Keep it up...Eat well, Stay healthy! u look FABULOUS (: