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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carb Cycling Modification

I was at bootcamp last night getting my sweat on when a fellow bootcamper Nikki made a point about increasing the carb intake according to the article. If I eat double my weight in carb grams there is no way I could maintain my current daily caloric intake for weight loss. She has an excellent point and is incredibly smart. So last night I kept thinking about it and came to the conclusion that maybe I shouldn’t double my weight but go from eating my regular cycle of 40% protein; 30% carb; 30% fat to 50% carb; 30% protein; 20% fat OR continue with what I’m doing because it’s clearly working and just increase my workouts.

I will continue to look at the numbers but considering the article came from Oxygen Magazine I’m inclined to think it is more suitable to individuals whom have no weight loss goals but rather fat loss and muscle gains.

I’m totally changing the subject now but I was a bit frustrated this morning because I was going to workout this morning with Nikki and Kristen as part of a last chance workout with BDHQ for an hour in a half…BUT didn’t because last night at bootcamp I did something to my quad muscle doing a squat! I can’t believe how much it hurts right now. So I knew if I went it wouldn’t be a good thing so I hope to get in another opportunity for a last chance workout this week. Oh well I guess I move on and not dwell but it would’ve been so much fun working out with those ladies.

Well I'm on day 2 of week 4 and I will continue on…

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  1. Ha! Just read this now! I am incredibly smart. :)