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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

End of Week 5; Midway point and reflection

I took the entire week off and didn’t move my body at all and feel great because of it. It’s hard when you come off of surgery and are forced to take it easy in order to recover and then when you come back to exercising it is so easy to do too much. I ended up weighing in at the studio last night which kind of put me in a weird head space because obviously my weight would be up 2lbs, I drink a gallon of water a day and at that time I would have already had 3 liters in me, but after running out my frustration I realize it’s only a number and when I weigh in on Sunday it will be a loss so really who cares.

I will not allow myself to be tied to a scale anymore, my emotions have been based on the number on the scale for the past 2 years and I’m done with that, if it’s up I’m happy, if it’s down I’m depressed or pissed off. How emotionally draining is that on me and my husband and everyone else around me. I want to embrace life and start living it. Being overweight is like living in a cocoon and it’s time for me to turn into that butterfly and enjoy life.

The truth will set you free…It may not be obvious to you but this blog has actually led me to make some life changing resolutions. It has truly forced me to reflect on myself, my goals and my issues. Therapy, who needs therapy when you are able to write things down, it’s so therapeutic.

So begins the midway point of week 6! I am realistic that I may not reach my goal in the next 6 weeks but I think I look fabulous. I will continue on with this blog and fitness journey after the 6 weeks is up and eventually I will hit my 100lbs lost goal, that I can guarantee.

Did you also notice I have changed it to fitness journey rather than weightloss journey. I believe that was a long time coming.

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  1. I read a few days ago that you wondered why you couldn't get below 160 lbs. That is because you are gaining muscle, which is heavier than fat. (You probably already know that, but forgot.) I can testify that the fitness thing does work to change body shape and size. It was very discouraging when my weight alwasy seemed to hover around 165-ish. I went from 170 down to 164 over a 12 week period. BUT, I my clothes size went from a 14 to 8 and had the all body measurements to prove it! That was quite a shock! So, keep up the good work. The weight number is just a number. The key is you are exercising and getting fit, the only thing we all really need on a regular basis (just like brushing teeth!) Your clothing size will go down, your lean body mass ratio will become what it is supposed to be for you. Just forget the weight number - concentrate on those squat jumps and lunges. Best wishes, kg