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Monday, February 15, 2010

Booyah! Week 6

Well I must say all the positive thinking of just living and not worry about what the number on the scale is has caused it to move. I am finally in the 150’s, 157.8 to be exact. I weighed in on week 3 at 159.8 but really that’s just a teaser, its not really in the 150’s. Week 4 and 5 I had gains of 1.6lbs and 2.2lbs and yesterday, Week 6, I lost 5.8lbs. I guess changing things up really is what it’s going to take. So I have 15lbs to go to reach 100lb weight loss. I’m not going to stress about timeline, it will take me as long as it takes me, I’m just so glad I’ve moved past the 160’s.

I’ve been eating really clean for the past week and feel fantastic. I cut dairy from my diet a while ago but added cottage cheese back into it last week. I love cottage cheese with celery and cherry tomatoes, its heaven.

This transformation journey that I’ve been on for the past 2 years has been the most life changing experience for me to date. I have become a stronger person both mentally and physically. I am no longer that person who keeps my mouth shut when something is bothering me. My entire life I would internalize my emotions and the only way to numb them was to feed them. I no longer suppress them; I express them and feel so much better because of it.

So another week begins of eating clean and exercising. As long as I continue to do my best at leading a healthy, active lifestyle, I am a winner regardless of what the number on the scale is.


  1. High five coming at you from upstairs.

    You inspire me.

  2. Booyah from your husband in Quebec!!