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Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2

I stepped on the scale Sunday AM and lost 2.2lbs which makes my loss to date 7.5lbs in 2 weeks. Not bad at all. 19lbs to go in the next 10 weeks.

My 2nd week was great; I haven’t eaten anything bad, which is really rare for me. In the past I would’ve eaten something that I would have felt guilty about as soon as I ate it. Why do we feel that way? Why can’t we indulge once in a while and move on? Some people can but I feel so awful sometimes that it brings me to tears. I really need to work on that so I can continue to keep the weight off.

My meal plan has been so delicious that I haven’t really had a desire to eat any sugar laden foods. It might have a lot to do with my Green Protein Shake that I have on a daily basis. I read it on Janelle Nicolo’s blog and thought it sounded so crazy but it is so yummy that I’ve been passing it on to everyone I know. Here is the recipe for that best veggie/fruit protein shake.

3 scoops of whey protein powder (vanilla or banana)
2 handfuls of spinach (roughly 2 cups or more)
2 small cucumbers – peeled and diced
1 pear – diced
1 apple – diced
2 T lime or lemon juice
1 cup of water (you could use almond/soy milk or skim milk)

Put all ingredients in a blender. Makes 2 servings. I usually freeze half and use the next day. Trust me; this is the best shake EVER!

I realized this past week that the intensity that I bring to my workouts has to be 110%, so I decided to start wearing my heart rate monitor. What a difference, I can now keep track of my heart rate and monitor how hard I’m really working out. We all tend to think we’re getting a great workout but unless you monitor it with a HRM you really never know. I can tell you that I didn’t cheat myself on any of my workouts this week. I gave it everything I had at every workout.

I will try to post pics as I realize I never take photos of myself which is such a shame. I’ve just decided that will be my New Years resolution, to take more photos of myself. When you’re a fat girl you tend to stay away from the camera and full length mirrors but that really needs to change from me. My husband is going to put a full length mirror up so I realize what I really look like and not what I think I see. I am no longer that fat girl I keep seeing, I have to realize that I’ve changed my body and really do look great. That will be my mantra that I say as I stand looking at myself in the buff.

So begins another week of eating clean and working out at 110%.

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  1. You go girl, look forward to seeing the before and look awesome!!!