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Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 1

Well I lost 5.3lbs in the first week! I will have to make sure the next 11 weeks I continue to eat clean and follow my exercise plan.

This past week has been so emotional on many levels. It has been really hard for me to realize to take it easy. I am still recovering from my pulmonary embolisms and surgery but when you have a goal and want to see results sooner than later it’s difficult to listen to your body.
BUT I did, which makes me very proud. I want to finish this journey healthy.

I was watching What Not to Wear on Friday night and it was about a girl who lost 170lbs and the difficulty she finds dressing her new body. I could so relate. There are so many times I look in the mirror and still see size 22. Watching that episode made me realize I wasn’t alone and crazy. Sometimes I think I need therapy but I believe it will just take time for my mind and body to connect. No one said this journey was going to be easy. I have changed so much in the past 2 years and with every day and new layer of emotions is peeled back. The only difference today is I don’t turn to food anymore…I’ve learned to tackle them head on with support from my husband and trainers at BDHQ and last but not least my lovely friend Kristen who by the way has lost just as much weight as me and is aiming for 100lb mark as well.

My food has been so enjoyable that there wasn’t one time that I wanted to eat cakes, cookies or chocolate. I’m trying to eat like a fitness/figure competitor which is TRULY clean eating. So far it has been working. I also use fitday religiously and journal my food to see my calories and the protein, fat and carb ratios. I aim for 40 protein, 30 carb and 30 fat. It may not work for everyone but it really is working for me.

My husband and I were so excited on Saturday because we substituted pasta with spaghetti squash for the first time EVER and couldn’t believe how delicious it was. 1 cup of whole wheat pasta is 300 calories and the same amount of spaghetti squash is only 42 calories. Hello, why haven’t I been eating this all along? Oh well at least I discovered it now when it really counts.

So begins another week of preparing my food and making it to every class at BDHQ. As of today I have 21.2 lbs to go. I really should have said the last 26lbs to go but 20 just sounded better, don't ya think :). Note that the weigh ins are done at the BDHQ studio fully dressed, so I do weigh less at home (in the buff) but I figure I started this journey on their scales and I’m determined to finish it on them 

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