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Monday, April 19, 2010

Here’s To New Beginnings!

Well it’s been a while since my last blog (approximately 4 weeks) and my weight loss is the same but that’s expected since my food hasn’t been as clean as I would have liked, that being said it sure isn’t like it was at 243lbs. But no fear, I’m continuing to work on it just as I have been for over 2 years. I purchased a book the other day by Geneen Roth called Women Food & God. I’ve heard some amazing things about it so I’m giving it a read and see if I can learn why I turned to food in the first place hopefully it will give me some insight and help me continue to move forward with my new healthy lifestyle. The fear has always been that I will be fat again, I know it won’t happen because of the changes I’ve made but you can’t help but have those thoughts. I will keep you all posted on how the reading is going and discuss it in my blog.

I finished the BDHQ Biggest Winner program and have moved on to my scheduled workouts that I planned out prior to leaving. It’s going great, although last week I didn’t get in my runs with Kristen because I’ve been having issues with our demon dog. Normally I go to Kristen but this week she is coming to me so we are back on track with our 3 day a week runs together…yippee! I’ve been running the lakes with my husband and wow can he sure push me to run faster than my normal pace which is awesome since the goal is to run the half marathon in October in 2 hours FLAT. Tough goal but I’m willing to put in the effort to achieve it. I LOVE the weight training! I feel so strong and love the pump I get in my muscles after a workout. I’m no Oxygen Magazine cover model by no means, but the weight training will definitely transform my body more than cardio alone could’ve ever done, and the bonus is it will eat up all the excess fat and replace it with calorie burning lean muscle, can I get a little whoot whoot.

That’s all for now, I will continue to update on a weekly basis and discuss how I’ve been doing trying to reach my fighting weight - hehe. I laugh sometimes at how much we focus on those last 10lbs. It has taken me sometime to realize that my body may not want to give up those 10lbs and I really am okay with it. I use the last 10lbs to keep me focused on not gaining or slipping up, if they never come off so be it, I’m in a size 8 and/or medium, when was the last time I could say that.


  1. Oh Jodie- how I miss you! I love being able to check in on you with this blog- I love the half marathon goal- and believe you will kill it- I think you know this, but you can really do anything you put your little heart and soul into.. you've proved that to say the least!

  2. Way to go Jodie!!! Keep up the hard work and don't be a stranger.

  3. That was from me by the way (Lovisa)

  4. I am just beginning my journey... again and I have 150lbs to lose. Hopefully some of your positivity will rub off on me :-) Hey, I am in Victoria too!!

  5. Thanks Lori, my journey continues to be a struggle but remaining positive on the healthy new lifestyle keeps me going. Have you checked out BDHQ's Biggest Winner program? It really was the key to my success. I bet we have a lot in common. Send me your email and we can continue to communicate, I would love to help you in anyway I can.
    Talks soon.

  6. Hey I am 3/4 at my goal.I started my journey at a whopping 326 lbs and I am now down to a lean 211 lbs.I am struggeling with my last 55 lbs I need to lose.Like you I run and I am planning on a Half Marathon in October(mine is in Long Island,NY)I also weight lift and train with a personal trainer.I love the changes to my body and I know I am alot smaller then 211.keep up the great work.